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Education Growth Partners is a private equity firm dedicated to small buyouts and providing growth capital to proven, high potential learning, data and knowledge, and workplace companies that offer compelling solutions to unmet needs. Education Growth Partners’ team has extensive operating experience and investment expertise that provides its companies with an infusion of highly strategic capital and insight that can accelerate their reach, scale, and impact to create long-term value.

Our highly experienced team is composed of investors who all have prior operating expertise, a passion for learning and transformation and understand the power of great companies to create opportunities for individuals, organizations and systems.  This, coupled with our rich history of investment across the learning, workplace, and data and knowledge areas, has brought us real depth and understanding of the challenges and opportunities of these sectors.

Our expertise provides us an expansive view of the learning, workplace, and knowledge ecosystems: early childhood to K-12, higher education, corporate training, human capital management, information and lifelong learning. We are interested in and comfortable with a wide range of business models that include, but are not limited to:

  • Education institutions, organizations and services companies
  • Workplace recruiting, talent management and skills development
  • Technology-based solutions and services
  • Publishers, information services and content providers
  • Others where learning and behavioral change concepts have direct relevance

Sector Focus

EGP is focused exclusively on the learning, workplace, and data and knowledge sectors, defined broadly. This includes areas where learning and behavioral change concepts have direct relevance.
Examples include:

Investment Criteria

EGP’s partners invest to maximize impact and returns while minimizing risk. We look for companies that offer their customers a superior value proposition with measurable outcomes. The companies must be profitable and are typically high growth with $5 – $20 million in revenue.

Education Growth Partners will only invest in firms whose solutions meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • The solution improves educational or human capital outcomes
  • The solution improves the prospects of employability
  • The solution enables learning or workplace institutions to run more efficiently, allowing improved allocation of educational and knowledge resources

Education Growth Partners is comfortable with minority/non-control investments as well as control/buy out transactions. We look for situations where our expertise can help a company to grow and drive best practices while maintaining or improving the quality of its offerings.

All of the EGP team has significant operating and investing experience. We partner closely with our portfolio companies’ management teams to help them systematize, professionalize, and scale.

We are patient investors and know that it takes time to build a high quality, high growth, financially successful education company.

Target Financial Profile:  A proven revenue model (typically a minimum of $5 million in revenue) and profitable (or would be if not investing in growth).

Transaction Type: Growth Capital, Minority Recapitalizations, Majority Recapitalizations, and Growth Buyouts

Size of Investment: $5 million to $30 million.

EGP will commit up to $30 million to individual portfolio companies. Ed Growth has the ability to complete significantly larger transactions by using our network of investment partners. Additionally, we will consider smaller transactions for platform investment opportunities.

Ownership: Control positions or non-control investments with governance rights, including board representation

Geography: North America and Europe

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(203) 658-8100 • info@edgrowth.com