eScholar Interstate ID eXchange Goes Live

eScholar Interstate ID eXchange Goes Live

eScholar Interstate ID eXchange Goes Live

May 1, 2013 – eScholar, the market leader in education data management solutions that support personalized learning, delivers Interstate™ ID eXchange to help MEIC participants support students as they continue their education in a different state. Over the past several years, eScholar has assisted numerous State Education Agencies (SEA) to clarify and resolve the challenges involved in maintaining student identity, protecting student privacy, and complying with state data use policies. Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska led the effort within MEIC to work through complex policy and technology issues to identify a solution that addressed their concerns.

eScholar Interstate™ ID eXchange enables states to proactively identify, share, and verify data on students who have relocated outside of state lines to determine if those students are enrolled in other states. This capability prevents the system from falsely reporting the student as a drop out. Kansas and Iowa were the first of the group of states to conduct searches and find students who would have otherwise been counted as drop outs. As more states come on-board, eScholar will continue to deliver capabilities that help states to better serve the needs of relocating students.

The need for maintaining student records across state lines has been documented in the Data Quality Campaign publication “Breaking Down State Silo Series,” which reported that student data generally stops at the state border, and it is vital that policymakers find solutions to accurately share appropriate data across state lines. The DQC report highlighted the following statistics that impact state student mobility data:

  • In 2010 approximately 187,000 families with an estimated 80,000 school-age children moved to a different state. If states cannot document that these students transferred, they must be counted as “nongraduates,” lowering the graduation rate.
  • Each year, approximately 400,000 recent high school graduates enroll as first-time freshmen in out-ofstate institutions. Even if students begin postsecondary education in the state where they attended high school, many students later transfer out of state.

Families and students move across state lines for various reasons, including postsecondary education, and it is essential that their data be linked accurately to help education agencies improve communication and quickly identify students for appropriate program placement.

“We expect that eScholar Interstate™ ID eXchange will be instrumental in helping our school districts to identify the students who have left our state and track their academic progress once they have relocated in another state,” said Kathy Gosa, Director of Information Technology at Kansas State Department of Education. “This technology can facilitate faster and more accurate information exchange so that our schools can develop a more comprehensive picture of student success.”

With eScholar Interstate™ ID eXchange in place, each state is able to continue to use their existing state Page 2/3 If you have any questions regarding information in these press releases please contact the company listed in the press release. Our complete disclaimer appears here – PRWeb ebooks – Another online visibility tool from PRWeb identifiers while establishing a cross reference to other state identifiers, resulting in access to the directory information used to maintain data in each state and provide a complete understanding of where a student has received education. The eScholar Interstate™ ID eXchange utilizes Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) to ensure seamless integration between states regardless of the technology each state uses. Student privacy is protected, and relevant student data is shared.

“We applaud Kansas, Iowa, and the other MEIC participants for their work in supporting our mobile student population,” said Shawn Bay, CEO and founder of eScholar. “We all recognize these students are valuable individuals that could have fallen between the cracks that previously existed between states.”

eScholar Interstate™ ID eXchange builds upon eScholar’s experience with the most widely deployed statewide student identifier system, eScholar Uniq-ID®. eScholar Uniq-ID® delivers a comprehensive and proven system to collect student identification data, match, de- duplicate, and assign unique student identifiers. This includes identifying and managing identifiers throughout a student’s academic career across schools, districts, and now states.

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