Organizational Culture Is Failing to Support Learning and Development - New Study by Fuse and the HR Research Institute

Organizational Culture Is Failing to Support Learning and Development - New Study by Fuse and the HR Research Institute

The recent study, "How Employees Learn in the Workplace," revealed that just 20% of HR professionals strongly agree that their organization has a successful learning culture, and only 37% say their culture definitely supports their organization's learning strategy. These findings help explain why learning and development (L&D) often fails to achieve its goals.

The free research report, How Employees Learn 2021, is now available for download.'s HR Research Institute conducted the study of 328 HR professionals to examine how organizational learning and culture initiatives support one another to help learning teams succeed.

Most respondents (78%) say their organizations use some form of learning technology. However, further investigation reveals that one of the key areas of weakness is that most learning management systems fail to facilitate the sharing of learning among employees. This is despite the fact that two-thirds believe that the ability to interact with other knowledgeable employees can enable employees to become successful at work (67%).

Compared to organizations with weak learning culture, those with strong learning cultures are:

  • More than 5X more likely to say they definitely have a learning strategy
  • About 5X more likely to make learning engaging and effective
  • More than 4X as likely to say that information flows freely up and down their organizations
  • 2X as likely to say their systems facilitate the sharing of learning among employees
  • Nearly 2X as likely to say they have a collaborative approach to learning

"It's crazy that culture and learning are so often at odds in today's organizations," stated Debbie McGrath, Chief Instigator and CEO of "Culture and learning should be aligned, as should learning technologies. If sharing information is part of the culture, then the learning technologies should make sharing easy among employees."

Steve Dineen, Founder & President at Knowledge and Learning Platform, Fuse, added: "This research highlights that learning success requires a complementary blend of culture and modern technology that supports learning every day.

Key to this is enabling employees to access learning in the flow of work while also reintroducing the humanisation of learning in a digital context."

Download the full report which includes details on six key takeaways to help HR departments gain insights into how to put their learning and development program on the right path to success.


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