Nadeen Issa

Investment Associate

About Nadeen

Nadeen joined EGP in 2022 as an Investment Associate. Before joining EGP, Nadeen was a Senior Associate at EY-Parthenon’s education consulting practice, where she spent two and a half years serving higher education institutions, education foundations, education technology companies, and private equity clients in the education markets. During her time at EY-Parthenon, Nadeen worked on consulting engagements ranging from growth & innovation strategy to M&A to buy- and sell-side private equity due diligence. Within higher education, she engaged public universities as well as non-profit institutions with a focus on growth strategy. On the corporate side, she worked for a variety of online learning and training providers, education software and products companies, and education investors.

In Abu Dhabi, where she grew up, Nadeen founded and ran the Circle of Life, a non-profit that raises awareness on the importance of bone marrow donation for Middle Eastern leukemia patients. In 5 years, Nadeen led the organization to raise over $100,000 for the Leukemia Research Foundation and multiplied the number of donors in the Middle East by 5x. Nadeen currently serves as an advisor to the Circle of Life as it continues making impact in the Middle East.

Portfolio Companies:

  • Emtrain
  • Kangarootime
  • Modo Labs
  • Tiger 21
B.S. - Mathematics w/ a Specialization in Economics - University of Chicago