Uber And Modo Labs Team Up To Provide Alternative Transportation On Campus

Uber And Modo Labs Team Up To Provide Alternative Transportation On Campus

Uber And Modo Labs Team Up To Provide Alternative Transportation On Campus


Whether they’re heading to class or going home post-party, more college students are turning to Uber to get where they need to go.

While students are often a key audience for Uber, they’re not the only ones concerned about a safe and convenient experience. Colleges and universities have provided on-campus transportation options to ensure that students aren’t walking alone at night nor drinking and driving; and as mobile technology evolves, many campuses are now teaming up with Uber to provide expedient and reliable transportation around the clock.

Why Uber?

Uber has the same goals as universities: It aims to provide safe and efficient methods for students to get around campus at the touch of a button.
Before, during, and after a ride, Uber provides a safe and reliable experience:

  • Prior to pick-up, students are ensured that they’re riding with a pre-screened driver and can view the drivers license plate, ratings, and vehicle type.
  • During the ride, students’ locations are tracked on a map, and their ETAs can be shared with friends and family.
  • When the ride ends, the safe and secure experience continues. Students pay with cash-free transactions, and they can provide feedback and ratings about their driver. If there’s ever a question after the trip, Uber’s 24/7 support team is there to help as well.

Uber is working with institutions of higher ed to implement Safe Ride Programs, which allows Universities to offer subsidized rides directly to their students. Today, Uber has teamed up with Modo Labs to create a more integrated solution for campuses.

Uber and Campus AppsHarvard_SafeRide_App

Uber and Modo Labs have partnered to enable students to request rides from within their campus apps. With Modo Labs’ Kurogo Publisher Collage screen type, universities can add an Uber ride request to their apps. The administrator has the option to set a pre-established pick-up location or enable the Uber app to geolocate users. Once a ride is requested from the campus app, the Uber app launches with the pick-up location and destination already populated.

“Uber is committed to making transportation more affordable and reliable for students in cities and towns around the globe. We are excited to work with Modo to develop innovative solutions that address transportation challenges while making our campuses and communities safer and more accessible, said Chris Taylor, Uber Boston General Manager.

Students “Test Drive” Uber

Harvard_Bliss_AppAhead of the official Uber launch in Kurogo Publisher, participants of the Great Mobile Appathon, a mobile hackathon for student non-developers, had the opportunity to build an app on the Modo Labs platform and “test drive” the Uber integration before it went live.

Team Appid Fire, the national winning team from Harvard University, opted to utilize the Uber functionality within their app, bliss, a resource to connect students to mental health resources and destigmatize mental health issues.

Juan Cuan-Martinez, a member of Team Appid Fire, was a regular Uber user prior to the appathon. “I personally have used Uber on various occasions that vary from needing a quick ride to the airport to making sure I get home safely after a party,” he said. “I view Uber as a reliable app by which I can expand my immediate environment without the fear of locations being ‘too far.’”

His teammate and Harvard classmate, Catherine Bousquet, felt similarly. “I typically use Uber when it might be unsafe to take public transportation or walk. I would definitely consider Uber a ‘must-have’ app for college students.”

As for integrating the Uber functionality into bliss, Cuan-Martinez commented, “The main purpose of bliss is to ensure that anyone that needs [mental health services] or would like help receives it—no matter what the obstruction is. No one should be denied aid because it is too far away. For this reason, we decided to integrate Uber into our app in order to make sure that distance was as small of a barrier as possible.”

For students and universities, Uber does more than allow one to “hitch a ride” or crowdsource one’s commute. It’s also about having peace of mind and staying safe on campus.


For more information, visit: www.modolabs.com