Brian Nairn

Brian Nairn

Brian Nairn

Brian is one of the foremost operating executives in the education and information services industries. He has successfully managed several growth businesses, with a particular expertise in managing technological change in content businesses, and driving the development of small growth companies. Brian was most recently the CEO of Elsevier Health, which he grew from $650 million to $1.6 billion in 7 years. Brian also initiated and executed nine growth-oriented transactions during his tenure at Elsevier, each of which experienced double-digit revenue and EBITDA growth post-acquisition. Before he joined Elsevier Health, Brian’s career spanned more than 20 years serving some of the most recognized names in publishing in senior leadership positions, including serving as President and COO of Cahners Business Information,

an $800 million U.S.-based provider of magazines, data, and online services across widespread geographic locations and multiple, diverse vertical markets.

Brian serves on the Boards of HCI and Vistage International.

Born in Scotland, Brian was educated at St. Andrews University in the UK, at Pennsylvania State University, and at the University of Iowa.

Brian is a director of Human Capital Institute.


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