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With specialized investment expertise, EGP is focused and positioned to helpĀ education, workplace, and learning & change companies reach their potential.


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EGP is a private equity firm dedicated to small buyouts and providing growth capital to proven, high potential learning, data and knowledge, and workplace companies that offer compelling solutions to unmet needs. The extensive operating experience and investment expertise of EGP’s team ensures its companies receive an infusion of highly strategic capital and insight that can accelerate their reach, scale, and impact to create long-term value.

EGP is focused exclusively on the education, workplace, and learning & change sectors, defined broadly, which encompasses numerous subsectors. These markets have characteristics described below: 

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Encompasses learning institutions and any products or services acquired by those institutions to drive educational results or improve operational efficiencies. 

  • Pre-K
  • K-12
  • Higher Ed
  • Lifelong Learning
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Extends the continuum and journey of learners who move beyond traditional education while needing to keep developing as a means to both grow and adapt to a rapidly changing world. 

  • Vocation & Skills Development
  • Talent Management, Recruiting, and Onboarding
  • HR Technology
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Learning & CHange

Includes innovative approaches to ongoing learning for individuals beyond traditional education, often incorporating alternative modalities and pedagogical frameworks where learning and behavioral change takes place over longer periods of time. 

  • Innovative Approaches to Learning and Behavioral Change
  • Community / Membership Models
  • Coaching and Mentoring

Sustainable Long-term Value.

By combining deep sector expertise, broad operational experience, and a collaborative partnership approach, we are well-situated to drive sustainable value for decades to come.

Deep Sector Expertise Deep understanding of what really works to deliver strong learning outcomes
Operating Expertise Decades of direct, hands-on leadership experience in the education space
Partnership Approach Seamless collaboration with management teams to deploy growth strategies
Actionable Insights EGP research and analysis infuse intellectual capital to drive performance
Strategic Focus Strong focus on key value drivers and effective product and go-to-market strategies
360Ā° Perspective Expansive view of trends in the learning, workplace, and knowledge ecosystems

Our Investments

EGP involvement accelerates growth and drives value for all stakeholders, resulting in better outcomes and a better exit for all parties.

Our insights and investments are guided by extensive