Since 1997, eScholar solutions have set the standard for education data integration and quality management, solving problems and empowering decisions for education agencies across the country. Their innovative suite of solutions includes statewide longitudinal data systems, early childhood integrated data systems, unique identifier systems, matching systems, and more.

    eScholar’s award-winning solutions allow agencies to collect and integrate their data to analyze policies, improve programs, and ensure compliance and accountability. By using eScholar solutions, agencies and their stakeholders are empowered to provide better and more equitable support for students and educators.

    Empowering data-based decisions

    From early childhood integrated data systems that ensure the youngest learners get a strong start to unique identifiers that provide unique IDs to persons across time, location and systems, eScholar helps provide a strong foundation for powering data-driven decisions.

    • eScholar CDW: Complete data warehouse for education agencies, school districts and higher education institutions
    • eScholar Uniq-ID®: The most widely implemented statewide unique identifier solution
    • eScholar EDFacts: Automates and manages data preparation for EDFacts submission
    • eScholar DirectMatch: Automates process of identifying students eligible for free and reduced-price meals