Fuse was founded in 2008 as a learning and knowledge platform designed to ignite people performance through active engagement and positive learning experiences.

    Fuse has expanded into enterprise, with an AI-driven learning management platform that drives results for some of the world’s biggest organizations. Fuse started with FuseSchool, a charitable foundation that empowers millions of learners around the globe by providing free access to a world-class education. FuseSchool currently has more than 10 million learners with a goal of 100 million by 2023.

    How Learning Cultures Get Work Done

    Most organizations find that their Learning Management System (LMS) only gets used a few times a year for compliance training. That equates to weekly usage of 2% to 3%. Fuse clients see weekly usage of 80% to 90% and a much higher company NPS score (84%) compared with those who participate in traditional formal training (12%).

    • 26% higher retention at Panasonic because of its work with Fuse
    • 90% active usage of Fuse platform among employees at Vodaphone
    • 320% revenue increase at Avon over 6-month as a result of shift to continuous learning