Founded in 2000, Sightlines gives colleges and universities the independent data and perspective they need to make critical decisions about their most valuable physical assets — their facilities. Sightlines stewards the industry’s most extensive verified database, allowing more than 450 institutions across the U.S. and Canada to benchmark their institution’s facilities against universities and colleges across the nation.

    Sightlines’ flagship offering is ROPA+, a fully integrated solution for facilities intelligence that leads members through a comprehensive process of discovery, prediction, and performance measurement. Other Sightlines solutions provide higher education executives with insights to assist with capital planning, space management, and campus sustainability initiatives.

    Now a part of the Gordian Group

    Sightlines was acquired by Gordian Group in 2015 and continues to deliver a wide array of solutions and resources for higher education institutions.

    • Sightlines Campus Sustainability: Enhancements to nurture a culture of environmental responsibility
    • Sightlines Integrated Facilities Program: Dynamic resources to help small campuses maximize resources
    • Sightlines Space Utilization: Optimizes classroom space to avoid unnecessary costs
    • Sightlines Strategic Capital Planning Solution for Higher Education: Elevates traditional FCA