TIGER 21 was founded in 1999 by Michael W. Sonnenfeldt, an entrepreneur seeking objective advice regarding the management of his wealth following a major liquidity event. The network began as a single group of six entrepreneurs who had all just sold their businesses and discovered that learning from each other helped them navigate the complex issues that accompanied their success.

    The exclusive network has grown into an engaged, global community of more than a thousand members, including successful entrepreneurs, investors, and executives from around the world. Membership gives ultra-wealthy individuals a safe space to explore new investments, shape positive family dynamics, and impactful philanthropy with peers.

    A growing and engaged global network

    TIGER 21 groups are geographically concentrated and consists of 8-15 HNW members. Monthly meetings are professionally facilitated by a chair, an accomplished professional and experienced facilitator, and cover subjects including wealth preservation, legacy planning, investment opportunities, family challenges, philanthropy, and more.

    • 1,100+ members in 42 markets
    • 95 groups in 17+ countries
    • 45+ chairs with 10+ years of successful leadership experience
    • $135 billion+ in personal member assets