About Us

Education Growth Partners is a private equity firm dedicated to small buyouts and providing growth capital to proven, high potential learning, data and knowledge, and workplace companies that offer compelling solutions to unmet needs. The extensive operating experience and investment expertise of Education Growth Partners’ team ensures its companies receive an infusion of highly strategic capital and insight that can accelerate their reach, scale and impact to create long-term value.

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Areas of Investment Interest

We are investors, practitioners, and operators interested in and comfortable with a wide range of business models. Our people are passionate about the power of great companies.


  • Education institutions, organizations and services companies
  • Workplace recruiting, talent management and skills development
  • Technology-based solutions and service
  • Publishers, information services and content providers
  • Others where learning and behavioral change concepts have direct relevance
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Peter J Campbell
Managing Partner
Andy Kaplan
Managing Partner
Brian Nairn
Jose Wehnes
Operating Partner


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(203) 658-8100 • info@edgrowth.com